Human health risk assessment is a challenging task.  Limited data, limited funding, contradictory guidance…
The Alliance for Risk Assessment helps align financial and technical resources to to ensure public health is protected.

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Working together to protect public health.


Ensure careful consideration of all key data and ideas.


Let people know what you are working on.



Featured Projects

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Guidance for Contaminated Sites

Practical Guidance for Contaminated Sites: Case Study: Trichloroethylene (TCE) Risk Assessment and Management Latest TCE Publications &...

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1,4-Dioxane Analysis

Project Objectives: Obtain additional information on mouse liver histopathology from the Japanese long term cancer bioassay on 1,4-dioxane D...

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Beyond Science & Decisions

The workshop series is continuing and expanding upon the discussion set forth by Science and Decisions: Advancement of Risk Assessment (NAS,...



Risk Tools


International Toxicity Estimates for Risk (ITER) is a free database of peer-reviewed chronic human health risk values from reputable organizations around the world. Access here.


Risk Information Exchange is a free database of in-progress or recently completed risk assessment projects. Access here.

Dose Response Framework

The ARA Dose Response Framework is a library of human health risk methods organized by problem formulation and indexed for easy searching. Access here. 

State Environmental Agency Risk Collaboration for Harmonization

The SEARCH database is directory of state public and environmental health agencies and with points of contact. Access here. 

Submit a Project

Step 1. Submit:

Post your project to the Risk Information Exchange – give a brief description of your project, let the risk assessment community know what you are working on. Under “project type” select “Proposed ARA Project”.

Step 2. Review:

The ARA Steering Committee will review your project for mission-relevance, and to consider if any other groups are working on something similar. The Steering Committee strives to deliver a decision within 2 weeks.

Step 3. Publicize:

If your project is endorsed by the ARA, it will be announced on the ARA website and newsletter.

Step 4. Execute:

Depending on the nature of your project, there are a variety of options for execution – a non-profit partner may be selected to lead the effort, or a collaboration may be appropriate. Your project will be conducted in a timely manner by risk assessment experts. All ARA projects contribute a 7% fee to support the ARA mission.


Working Together to Protect Public Health.